SKOS stands for the Simple Knowledge Organization System. The system is still in the recommendation stage, and continues to evolve.

The main documents defining SKOS are:

Mulgara is capable of processing some of the entailments specified by SKOS. The principle things that are missing are related to collections, since collection membership is not an available function in the query engine nor either query language (SPARQL and TQL).


Most of the SKOS definitions have been encoded in the file included with this page. These definitions fall into 2 main sections:
1. SKOS definitions. These are a copy from the SKOS reference.
3. RDFS/OWL rules. These are some basic definitions and rules that make the RDFS and OWL vocabularies work. Only those parts of the vocabulary that are needed for SKOS are included, so the rdfs:range/rdfs:domain entailments are missing, along with OWL constructs such as owl:maxCardinality.

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