The SPARQL protocol begins to describe a REST-like interface, but for true REST behavior we need more.

There are 2 main types of resources in Mulgara: Graphs and statements (triples).

For compatibility with SPARQL protocol, and because of the flexible nature of graph names, resources will need to be identified using URLs containing parameters.


An alias for the _default-graph-uri_ parameter may be simply _graph_. So the URIs above would become:



<code class="rst">

h9. ======= ======== ===================== =====================

Resource  HEAD    GET      PUT to a new resource POST                  DELETE

h9. ======= ======== ===================== =====================

Graph     type    RDF/XML  Create a graph        Loads data into graph Drops the graph
Statement exists?   ???    Creates the statement Reifies the statement Deletes the statement

h9. ======= ======== ===================== =====================


PUTs to existing resources will do nothing.

Any suggestions on GET for a statement? HEAD already tells us if it exists.

_Transactions are not being discussed here yet._

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