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Obsoleted APIs

I am trying to pick up mulgara and it seems that some API are being deprecated, but I was not able to find any documentation about it, so I guess I will just use this page to report my findings in the hope of being corrected by people more knowledgeable then me...


Files are missing in the Mulgara 1.0 distribution, but with the files in the svn it is possible to use them. I was able to run the remote graph but it seems that JRDFLocalGraph is not working anymore: even the unit test (org.mulgara.jrdf.JRDFLocalGraphUnitTest) fails with ClassCastException:

java.lang.ClassCastException: org.mulgara.server.rmi.RemoteSessionWrapperJRDFSession
    at org.mulgara.jrdf.JRDFLocalGraphUnitTest.setUp(


Did not try it, but it seems to have been obsoleted.


Works fine, and it seems that it will be supported for the near future.


Deprecated in Mulgara 1.0 due to bugs in ACID requirements. This should be fixed in the most recent code, and will be included in the next release.



Jena was initially included as it was the only other public RDF database of significance at the time, and this interface would let people try our new system with little effort.

Jena's external APIs have scalability problems, a problem that was compounded with poor documentation. This led to developers using and expecting classes which were not a part of the Jena API. This meant that supporting Jena involved a lot of code which was designed to slow down Mulgara connectivity.

Any use of the Jena APIs resulted in necessarily slow code. We decided that there were few advantages to Jena anymore, since there are many other systems, and the new standard is SPARQL.


This is the only properly supported interface at the moment. We plan on introducing SPARQL as well, but iTQL will continue as it includes several important features which are not present in SPARQL.

It should be noted that a significant subset of SPARQL is valid iTQL.

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