New Features

List of all planned features. Add details where appropriate.

  • Logic Engine. Based on RLog interpreter and Krule.
  • Modeling API. Fix and expand Sofa, and look at other APIs like ActiveRDF and our own API.
  • Intrinsic Database extensions for Modeling (inferencing).
  • SPARQL Query Engine.
  • SPARQL Transport (also mentioned in Refactoring).
  • API for Content Management System. See JSR-170. Consider integration of Jackrabbit.
  • Security Module. Based on JAAS. Use existing security hooks.
  • Distributed Queries. This can be done in 2 phases:
    • Simple passing on of queries.
    • Intelligent movement of subqueries to minimize bandwidth.
  • Resolvers:
    • File storage.
    • Apple Spotlight. Requires jCarbonMetadata.
    • Google Desktop (Is this possible?)
  • Client Code:
    • Java AST -> RDF mapping.
    • RDF -> Java AST mapping.
    • OWL to Java AST translator. Especially consider OWL-S. Integrate this with the above modules.
  • New indexes for scalability.

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