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1251104 Remove Jena Support

I believe this is already complete.

Posted by Andrae Muys at Sep 12, 2006 00:55

No, Jena came back in to Mulgara when we opted to roll back to the end of August last year. It has to be taken out again.

Since Jena wa removed the first time, we started hearing some scalability problems with slow loads. We should be careful about how we do this the second time around.

Posted by Paul Gearon at Sep 12, 2006 06:22

I can't imagine that the Jena removal was connected to the slow loads. I only removed capabilities, not changed them.

Posted by Brian Sletten at Sep 27, 2006 18:54

Something load related was causing a bottleneck, and since Jena had been used for loads we suspected this was the problem.

We know that XML parsers need to be careful with the triples interface, as many use RAM to remember the blank nodes they allocate. Using RAM like this causes problems in large files. We had this problem with Jena some years ago, but we resolved it. However, moving to a new RDF-XML parser may have re-introduced the problem.

Looking at Kowari from early 2005, the slow loads were already happening, so it looks like the Jena removal is NOT our problem. All the same, it would be nice to benchmark a middle-sized load before and after Jena removal. While I'm sure we will be fine, I'd like to confirm that there is no performance impact on loading RDF-XML before we commit the change.

Posted by Paul Gearon at Sep 27, 2006 21:21

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