Configuring Eclipse for Developing Mulgara

Subversion contains a .classpath and .project file for use with Eclipse.

However, to completely build everything Eclipse expects to see some generated Java source files which are not available after a clean build. To address this issue, there is a target called ideSupport which builds a jar file called ideSupport.jar. This contains all the extra classes that Eclipse needs to get going.

To get going in Eclipse:

1. Make sure you have Subclipse installed.
1. Create a new project.
1. File | New | Project...
1. Open the SVN option in the Wizards, and select "_Checkout Projects from SVN_". Press Next.
1. If you haven't checked out Mulgara before, select "_Create a new repository location_" and press Next. If you've checked out Mulgara in the past you can use the existing repository location, and skip the next step.
1. In the Url field type: "!". Press Next.
1. Wait a moment while SVN retrieves the available projects:
1. If you want the main project, select "_trunk_".
1. If you want a previous release, select "_tags_", and then the release you are interested in.
1. If you want a branch that someone is currently working on, then select "_branches_", and then the name of the branch you want.
1. Press Next to go to the next screen. The wizard will pause while it gathers info on the project.
1. Enter a Project Name appropriate to your use (e.g. "Mulgara-trunk"). Press Next.
1. Pressing Finish at this point will use the default workspace location (usually desirable). You can select another if required. Note this directory for step "4" below.
1. Be patient. Eclipse will take some time to check the project out.
1. Start a command line tool. On Linux/Solaris/Mac OS X this will be a shell prompt. On Windows this is CMD.EXE.
1. Change to Eclipse's default workspace directory. This was shown in step 8 of creating the new project.
1. Change into the subdirectory you just created for the project.
1. Build the ideSupport target with the provided script:
On Linux/Solaris/OS X:
./ ideSupport
On Windows:
build ideSupport
1. Go back to Eclipse. Select the project and refresh with F5.

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