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Paula Gearon, 12/17/2009 04:44 PM
updated checksums

= Mulgara Downloads =

The latest release is '''Mulgara v2.1.6'''

After downloading Mulgara you may want to read the Tutorial to get started.

Binary Download * [] * [ mulgara-2.1.6-bin.tar.gz]

These released binaries are all that are required for most applications. They
contain the server and client JAR files:

  • The server JAR: mulgara-2.1.6.jar
  • The client JAR: querylang-2.1.6.jar
Full Binary

The full binary release contains the standard JAR files, as well as the
Mulgara Web Archive (WAR file), and the Mulgara Lite, Driver, and Descriptor
libraries. Only download this if you know you specifically want these files.

Source Download * [] * [ mulgara-2.1.6-src.tar.gz]

The most recent development files may be accessed with Subversion. The
Subversion files may not be stable, and should only be accessed by people
actively developing the code. See the included README.txt file for details on
building the executables. The Subversion command to get the latest branch is:

svn co

The source code can also be browsed using the URL in this command.

MD5 Sums

The MD5 sums of all the above files are:

mulgara-2.1.6-bin-all.tar.gz 87cd64754e4866ef48812e09574d7a00 9a0acb6d3796aec10a88b95cc709c731
mulgara-2.1.6-bin.tar.gz 393d2f263974c3eecdd3b763d58218d8 4063d25ddde7c53076260425a32ea123
mulgara-2.1.6-src.tar.gz 0097a6fe1fd211596a979e6603873f24 a1e67136f2e337d4c280412f4a84c5f1

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