Building Documents

The Documentation website is generated when building the docs target.

./ docs

or on Windows:
build.bat docs

This creates a directory called docs/site. This directory is used by the local web server in the Mulgara distribution, and will also be placed on the Mulgara web server at

Updating Documents

When updating the documentation, be sure to build and check the presentation of the HTML. Do this by running:

./ dist
java -jar dist/mulgara-version.jar

Then direct a web browser to: http://localhost:8080/

Headers, Footers, Contents, and other elements found in multiple pages are all defined in webdocs.xml, where blocks of HTML fragments will get inserted into each HTML file in the site-src directory. This method used instead of the more common technique of server-side-includes (SSI), as the same pages are required for (Apache with SSI) and for the Mulgara distribution at http://localhost:8080/ (Jetty without SSI).

Any changes made to elements found in all pages should be made in webdocs.xml. We have tried to allow for absolute path elements to be valid in both deployments, but absolute URLs should be avoided except when explicitly directing the user to an external site.

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