Bug #89

Track down problems with BackupOperation

Added by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Viewpoint is reporting duplicate StringPool entries, as well as the introduction of blank-nodes in backups.

Topaz is reporting NPE's when trying to run backups on the committed-phase.

We need to identify the bug, and fix it.


Updated by Paula Gearon over 14 years ago

Viewpoint is showing strings out of order when iterating the string pool. The reappearance of the same string out of order may be due to the erroneous reuse of a gNode. The StringPool cache would end up retrieving the old string, as it would expect this mapping to stay the same.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

(In r699) refs #89

Find and fix the backup bug.


Updated by ronald - over 14 years ago

Note that the Topaz (PlosONE) NPE is occurring on mulgara 1.0 (with
patches r440, r389, r388, r258, r254, r233, r217, r193, r212, r205,
r183, r175, r170, r169, r178, r179, r184 - but none of these should be
affecting this).


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

Looks like BackupOperation is bypassing the phase handed it by the OperationContext, and instead is trying to obtain its own copy from the StringPoolFactory. This means it may be ending up on the currentPhase, which - if it is currently undergoing a write - may not be stable.

This might explain both the NPE, the erroneous blank-nodes. Not sure if this can explain the double-entries Viewpoint is seeing - Paul might be able to comment on this better than I.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

The key section of the Topaz NPE stacktrace is:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

The key line in which appears to be the culprit is line 143:

        [[StringPool]] stringPool = 

Note that this bypasses the phase associated with the transaction and obtains a direct reference to the currentPhase - which is a bug.

If this is done while holding the write-lock this won't be a problem as we will have obtained independently the same phase that was associated with the transaction. However if we do this under a read-only transaction - we have a problem. Given the symptoms described by Topaz I expect there was a concurrent writing transaction in progress when this line was called that called prepare() or rollback() prior to the backup-operation reaching line 199 where it tries to release its hold on the Phase.

The problem with this is that a prepare() or rollback() will force the release() of the currentPhase, invalidating the token, and resulting in a NPE when our bypassed-phase attempts its own release at line BackupOperation:199.

The fix is to not bypass the transaction initially, and then none of this will be an issue.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

(In r700) refs #89

This fixes the Backup issues, but in the process makes the backups incompatible
with Restore.

The issue is that the StringPoolSession does some absolute/relative mapping on
URI's that isn't done when working directly against the StringPool. This
operation has to be reversed in the Restore, and as Restore also by passes the
transaction (this isn't an issue as it has to hold the write-lock anyway) this
reversal isn't happening.

Note that fixing Restore to do the reversal will be incompatible with any prior
backups, so is unacceptable without upgrading the backup version number.

This suggests that we need to provide alternative functions on StringPoolSession
that are dedicated to providing mapping free operations.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

(In r709) refs #89

This patch does pass 100% of the tests, and remains faithful to the original
backup formats. There are additional cleanup tasks I would like to see done
before this makes its way into trunk - but anyone who needs an urgent patch to
the backup operation can use this.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

(In r710) refs #89

merge -r 699:709 ../../branches/mgr-89-backup

This merge fixes the problem with backup obtaining the wrong phase.

The core of the fix is in BackupOperation, BackupRestoreSession, and

As discussed on the wiki - this bug was related to a failure by BackupOperation
to use the phase provided it by the enclosing transaction, instead bypassing the
transaction and obtaining its own reference to the current-phase. This is
clearly in error as this is a read-only operation and so should not require
access to this phase - and moreover this bypass also bypassed the write-lock,
meaning the phase was not stable, leading to errors.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

(In r713) refs #89

Removed the ResolverSystemFactory as an argument to Operation::execute(). This
interface could not be used safely, so removing it was important.


Updated by Andrae Muys - over 14 years ago

(In r714) refs #89

svn merge -r 712:713 ../branches/mgr-89-backup

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