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Rewrite WebUI to remove Barracuda and simplify.

Added by Andrae Muys - almost 16 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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From Paul's email to Mulgara-dev 2006-09-12:

The [[WebUI]] has several problems associated with it, not least the fact that it violates some of the client/server rules inside the server, requiring a few hacks to make it work right.  Since it was only ever a demo, I would have liked to be rid of it, but enough people have told me they rely on it to convince me that we need to keep it.  :-(

If we ARE to keep the [[WebUI]], then I think we need to re-write it completely.  It is currently using Barracuda, which is too heavyweight for what it's doing.  I believe that no one here is all that familiar with Barracuda anyway (it was implemented by Ben, who of course isn't working on Mulgara anymore).  Given how simple the page is, we can probably hand code it together without a great deal of effort (or use a simpler tool), and remove the dependency on xmlc-all-runtime-2.2.jar


Updated by Paula Gearon almost 14 years ago

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This is now done.

It is implemented as a servlet rather than a WebApp, partly because this makes it lighter, but also because this is a demo that demonstrates the system (e.e. it is full of example scripts that are environment specific). Once it is in the path it ought to be deployable anywhere that can take a servlet.

It is currently configured to use the path /webquery rather than /webui. This is so it can be tested without breaking existing systems. Eventually the WebUI code will be removed.

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