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04:20 am Mulgara Bug #194 (Closed): SPARQL endpoint returns 302 Found intead of 303 See Other
No, 302 is the correct response here, though a 301 is probably better.
303 means "the response to your request can b...


01:59 am Mulgara Wiki edit: BadContent (#2)


09:20 pm Mulgara Revision 1650: Fix building of javadoc:
* added missing javacc source directories
* removed obsolete and undefined jrdf.javadoc link
* bumped j2se docs to 1.5
09:19 pm Mulgara Revision 1649: A few more small javadoc fixes.
09:19 pm Mulgara Revision 1648: Backing out r1589 (protecting answer.close with a null check) because r1592
obviated it.


03:45 pm Mulgara Revision 1591: Bumped the heap size to 768M, as jxunit is running out of heap space.
02:08 pm Mulgara Revision 1590: Added subquery tests and improved error reporting a bit.
02:07 pm Mulgara Revision 1589: Fix NPE on close() for subquery answers.
02:07 pm Mulgara Revision 1588: Handle constraints with no variables properly (can't use
TuplesOperations.materialize on these).
02:07 pm Mulgara Revision 1587: Trivial formatting fixes: fixed indentation and removed trailing whitespace.

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