Bug #208

Subqueries not supported via REST

Added by Eric Kobrin - almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Category:HTTP interface
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When making a TQL REST request containing subqueries, StreamedSparqlJSONAnswer throws an exception due to addBinding() not supporting @TransactionalAnswer@s.


Updated by Eric Kobrin - almost 10 years ago

I have a patch in place locally that makes this work, but required changing the AbstractStreamedAnswer@s to accept @Writer@s rather than @OutputStream@s so that nested answers could be created by instantiating a new @StreamedSparqlJSONAnswer (or other AbstractStreamedAnswer as appropriate).

A better fix along the same lines would be to replace the multiple constructors with a builder that can take either a stream or a Writer.

An alternative (but more involved) fix would be to allow one AbstractStreamedAnswer to handle nested answers by not treating the variable list, variable list length, and OutputStreamWriter as instance data.

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