Bug #203

Mulgara RMI Connection Issue

Added by Joe Osowski - almost 10 years ago.

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I'm seeing some strange behavior here when connecting to a remote mulgara server. It looks like we've got something misconfigured, but I haven't been able to nail it down yet.

The ambra and mulgara instances that are installed on the same server and can talk to eachother fine. But when I try to connect to this instance of mulgara from my development workstation, it just times out. I turned up the debug logging for mulgara and this is what I see:

2009-09-03 09:35:43,731 ERROR MulgaraXAResourceContext> Failed to create transaction [RMI TCP Connection(22)- org.mulgara.resolver.MulgaraXAResourceContext]
org.mulgara.query.MulgaraTransactionException: Interrupted while waiting for write lock
at org.mulgara.resolver.MulgaraTransactionManager.obtainWriteLock(MulgaraTransactionManager.java:97)
at org.mulgara.resolver.MulgaraExternalTransactionFactory.createTransaction(MulgaraExternalTransactionFactory.java:93)
at org.mulgara.resolver.MulgaraXAResourceContext$MulgaraXAResource.start(MulgaraXAResourceContext.java:371)
at org.mulgara.server.rmi.XAResourceWrapperRemoteXAResource.start(XAResourceWrapperRemoteXAResource.java:100)

I believe the interrupted exception is caused by the fact that I stopped my local ambra instance and the connection was closed. It appears to be waiting for a write lock for some reason.

Strangely, when I start Mulgara with the webserver, RMI starts working as well. Turn off the web server, and I'm back to the same problem.

Here are the parameters that I am passing Mulgara that enables RMI to work:

-r 8111 -t 8111 -p 8001 -u 8011 -o plosone-branch.plos.org -k plosone-branch.plos.org

Here are the params that we had before:

-r 8111 -t 8111 --nohttp

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