Bug #202

SPARQL queries with non-ascii chars fail

Added by Gregg - almost 10 years ago.

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Priority:Immediate Due date:
Assignee:Paula Gearon % Done:


Target version:SPARQL Query Engine


I'm able to successfully load UTF-8 data with non-ascii characters, both in URIs and in literals (Mulgara 2.1.3). SPARQL queries against the data succeed so long as such non-ascii values match variables. However, if the query itself contains non-ascii chars it fails.

For example, if my data includes something like

eg:Foo   a  eg:Füß

then a query like
SELECT ?z WHERE { <eg:Foo> a ?z .}

will succeed, but one like
SELECT ?x WHERE { ?x a <eg:füß> . }

will fail.

This is a show-stopper for me, since I need non-ascii Unicode in both my data and my queries.

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