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Product of Sum form has very poor performance.

Added by Andrae Muys - almost 13 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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 1 [[OrderedAppend]] currently assumes that all it's operands share a common ordering.  This is currently guarenteed by [[TuplesOperations]].append(), but the use of calls to project() on all operands not matching the first's variable list.  This has signifigant performance ramifications as the desired ordering is unknown until any parent-join is optimised.
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 5 Without the projections currently done by [[TuplesOperations]].append(), we need new logic in [[OrderedAppend]] to handle mapping variables to operands columns.  This is not a problem unless there the disjunction is subject to a join containing a left-bound prefix including mismatched variables.
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 9 Consider the following tuple expressions:
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13 A[$z] ^ B( C[$z $y] v D[$y  $z] )
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17 Note: 
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19 &nbsp;&nbsp;A[] will provide $z prefix to B[].  
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21 &nbsp;&nbsp;B[] currently passes this on blindly to C[] and D[].
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23 &nbsp;&nbsp;This will bind $z for $y in D[], leading to an incorrect result.
24 <br/>
25 &nbsp;&nbsp;Currently the non-union compatible
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27 &nbsp;&nbsp;Fixing this will require either reordering D[], or filtering it; deciding between them is a performance optimisation issue.
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31 A[$y $z] ^ B(C[$y] v D[$z])
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35 Note:
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37 &nbsp;&nbsp;Here there is a full prefix provided by A[] to B[].
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39 &nbsp;&nbsp;The prefix needs to be decomposed for C[] and D[]
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41 &nbsp;&nbsp;This is a case of non-union compatible disjunction, and will probably result in UNBOUND's.
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45 Cases where this is probably a problem:
46 <br/>
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49 non-symmetric sum-of-products  (ie. {$a &lt;foo&gt; $b ^ $b &lt;bar&gt; $c in &lt;m1&gt;} v {$b &lt;bar&gt; $c ^ $a &lt;foo&gt; $b in &lt;m2&gt;} )
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51 &nbsp;&nbsp;Note: this is one of the key areas of concern.  Differences between models can cause join-optimisation to generate a different ordering; This interferes with attempts to improve SOP performance which is required to support efficient views.
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55 symmetric disjunctions: (ie. $s &lt;foo&gt; $o v $o &lt;bar&gt; $s). - uncommon.
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59 non-union compatible disjunction (ie. $s &lt;name&gt; $name v $s &lt;email&gt; $email)
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61 &nbsp;&nbsp;Note: this query is better phrased as a subquery anyway.


Updated by Andrae Muys - about 12 years ago

1 With the NUC-disj fixes the workaround for this bug has been implemented - the performance considerations remain.  With the workaround merged to trunk this bug is downgraded from major to minor.

Updated by Andrae Muys - about 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

Original Topic: OrderedAppend needs to check variable orderings for arguments before passing prefix. TuplesOperations.append() needs to defer variable mapping to OrderedAppend.

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