Feature #141

Need new backup format for XA 1.1 data pool

Added by Paula Gearon almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Target version:XA 1.1 Data Pool


The current backup/restore is designed for XA 1. This has issues for XA 1.1.

The fix described in #140 will make the XA 1.1 backup/restore work on V6 backups files (compatible with the latest XA 1 backup). However, it will be inefficient. A new backup format is needed for efficient backup/restore of XA 1.1.

The new format is not going to supplant XA 1, so it should not be labeled V7. It may be possible to call it "V6.1" though a disconnected numbering scheme would be preferable.

It should not be necessary to make the new format readable by XA 1, but this should be relatively easy, either using the IntFile mapping suggested in #140, or just by specifying gNodes, since this format allows gNodes to be specified. The latter is less desirable, as it can lead to files growing larger than they should in the XA 1 format.


Updated by Paula Gearon over 9 years ago

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It seems that backups have always presumed that data may need to use different gNode, and have mapped gNode to gNode through IntFiles all along. This removes the need for a new format.

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