Feature #140

Backup/Restore for XA 1.1 Data Pool

Added by Paula Gearon almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Target version:XA 1.1 Data Pool


Backup/Restore are not supported for the XA 1.1 data pool.

The problem is that the existing implementation dictates the node numbers to be used by the store, while XA 1.1 must assign these numbers.

The solution is to allow the store to assign gNodes, but to map these to the requested gNodes using an IntFile. Then during the statement loading phase the nodes being read from the backup file can be looked up in the IntFile to discover that actual nodes that were stored.

So that the XA 1 and XA 1.1 data (string) pools can both be used, a new interface should be attached to the XAStringPool interface that maps backup gNodes to internal gNodes. The XA 1 implementation will be an identity mapping, while the XA 1.1 implementation will use the IntFile approach just described.

Note that this approach is not efficient for XA 1.1 backup/restore. A new backup format should be created for this.


Updated by Paula Gearon over 9 years ago

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Fixed in r1289

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